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Call Us at (337) 462-6990  Vacation Notice: Sept 27-Oct 2 ,2020 we will be closed this week open again on October 3, 2020
Sunrise Catfish Farm, Inc.

Rules & Recommendations

Rule Number One
No Catch a
nd Release

Bring an Ice Chest.
Thin Styrofoam Chests don't work well.

Keep fish on Ice while fishing, warm fish get mushy.
Ice Chest are better than a stringer.
Stringers get away, get tangled, and keep fish hot.

Fish will live longer out of the water than in ice chest in pond water, in a few minutes they use up oxygen and suffocate.
They live longest in ice chest mixed with ice.
they actually get some oxygen out of the air.

Prepare your fishing pole,
is your line in good shape 20 or 25lb test is recommended.

Heaver than 25lb won't throw out as well
Less than 20lb breaks to easily.

Is your drag set?
Not to tight or loose.
Drag set too loose fish won't reel in, line ends up all twisted.
Too tight when fish makes a run line breaks.

Bait hook throw out as far as possible.
Once you have your Bait out where you want it,
catfish find food by smell if you reel in by the time they smell it, it's gone.
In the event we feed while you are fishing, you may want to put a cork, bobber, or float about one foot above your hook, as the fish will be feeding on top and this will put your hook right below them.
If it is winter and we have sinking feed advisable to keep fishing on bottom.

We recommend hook size 1/0 or 2/0

This is a heavy gauge hook that does not bend easily,and is big enough to hold a fair amount of bait.
The more bait you put on the better fish will be attracted.
Keep hold of your pole or it might join the rest at the bottom of the pond.
Letting us know right away if you lose one helps the chances of retrieval.

Tips for pulling in fish:
give a strong jerk to set hook, pull fish in with pole raising tip up keeping the line tight, lower tip reeling in slack keeping tension on line at all times repeat till fish is at bank.
Do not pull on line by hand while fish is in water, as fish will get off or line may break.
Recommended use net.

Seems bigger fish are caught farther out, while smaller fish are caught closer to bank.
You may have trouble with perch stealing bait close to the bank.
Perch may be used for bait.
Cut perch up do not work well whole.

Bait we sell.
Works well,we save the livers out of the fish we clean tougher than chicken liver.
Shrimp: Works well. We Sell.
Worms: Works well; doesn't sling off hook
Stink Bait: Works, smells bad. One strike need to check your bait.

After you have the amount of fish you want bring them in to be weighed.
Tell us if you want to take them home as is cleaned, or fillet.
if we clean or fillet we will wash your ice chest and pack fish in with ice.

As Always ask and we will help if we can!

          Open:                Mon-Fri 8:00-6:00      Sat 7:00-6:30

Winter Hours start at time change---- 8:00-5:30

Closed: Sunday

Located 8 miles south of DeRidder 10 mi North of Longville between mi marker  36-37 turn on             
Mennonite Rd  Follow the signs                  to           155 Milton Schmidt            Rd              Deridder, LA                  70634

(337) 462-6990
(337) 375-3198

We Take All Major       CREDIT CARDS        And Debit Cards              EXCEPT    AMERICAN EXPRESS